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• A Hermit-Survival Minecraft Server •


What is HermitLite?

Do you love Hermitcraft? Do you enjoy playing in a free world where you don't have to manage tons of plugins? Do you love the purity of vanilla Minecraft? Do you want to play on a server where trust is the most important currency? Then HermitLite is for you!

HermitLite is a Minecraft™ Hermit-style Survival Multiplayer server. Our server is whitelist only and our application process is designed to get the best players we can find to build an active thriving trust based server. Economy is player driven via shopping district, and the rules are monitored by kind dedicated moderators.

Looking for as authentic of a Hermit experience you can get without actually being a hermit yourself? Then consider applying for HermitLite.


HermitLite World

• Seed: -643611762292509 •

Spawn Island: X 311 Z -253

Shopping District: X -29 Z -316

Nether Hub: Nether X -5 Z -38

Patron Shrine: X -654 Z -852

Server Features

Community Driven

HermitLite thrives off the player base. All events are dreamed up by the community. Commerce is handled by the player base through shopping district or open trading.


Play together!

Survive together!

Thrive together!

Hermit Style Survival

HermitLite is a Hermit-style survival experience at it's core. Your best currency on the server is how much others trust you. Cause drama? Probably not gonna get a good deal from your fellow players. Respect and honesty are the name of the game on a hermit-survival server. We are all friends here.

Rotating Seasons

HermitLite is a rotating server, with each season being scheduled for a 12 month period. This keeps the server fresh and a new start brings fresh ideas and new fun adventures in a brand new world. Seasons may include special themes or ideas, taken from community suggestions and feedback!

Server Specs

​Dedicated Server

  • E3 1230v6

  • 4x3.5Ghz  

  • 64GB DDR4 RAM

  • 1TB SSD

  • NewYork Hub

Vanilla+ Experience

We try to keep plugins and datapacks to a minimum in order to maintain a vanilla feel. That said we embrace evolution and allow for what we call Vanilla+. The modifications we allow on the server improve the vanilla experience without taking away from vanilla play. When done right modifications can give better quality of life while keeping game play pure.

Plugins We Use

  • Essentials Game Chat

  • Suite of Moderator Tools

  • Core Protect (block/chest info)

  • Anti Enderman/Ghast Grief

  • Armour Statues

  • Coordinates HUD

  • Double Shulker Shells

  • Dragon Drops Elytra

  • More Mob Heads

  • One Player Sleep

  • Nether Portal Coords

  • Player Head Drops

  • Silence Mobs

Crafting Tweaks

  • 12 Trapdoors

  • Universal Dyeing

  • Craftable Name Tags

  • Back to Blocks

  • More Stairs

  • Wool to String

  • Craftable Gravel

  • Dropper to Dispenser

  • More Bricks Crafted

  • Uncraftable Nether Wart Block

  • 4 Bark Blocks

  • Rotten Flesh to Leather

Support HermitLite


We work hard to bring you an excellent server. Tirelessly aiming to bring the performance, functionality, and fun we all expect from our game. This effort does come at a price, one our team is happy to pay.

If you wish to help out feel free to head over to HermitLite on Patreon and make a donation by clicking the Patreon logo to the left or HERE. Not only will your money go directly to supporting the server, you will also receive some excellent perks! 


  • In Game Tag

  • Cosmetic Rewards

  • Name & Likeness in Patron Shrine

  • and More


Thank you for considering HermitLite for your multiplayer entertainment. When you click Apply! below you will be taken to the application form. Fill it out completely and as accurately as you can. We review and score applications based on a variety of criteria. There is no bot that looks over your application and decides our dedicated admin team reads your responses!

If you are chosen to be added to our whitelist, you will be contacted via email with a Discord link. The discord link will be your unique code to join and will expire after 1 use. DO NOT share it.

Generally applications are reviewed and responded to in less than 48 hours, sometimes volume is high and it can take longer. 


Season 1 is still young join now and become part of our growing active community!

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